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Movie #64: Copenhagen

The 2002 BBC TV movie, based on the , Copenhagen explores the mysterious meeting between Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in 1941, their teacher-student relationship, friendship, their conflict at being on opposite sides of the war, and the one tiny oversight that may have saved the world. Do just see it. It's amazing. And Daniel Craig, Stephen Rea, and Francesca Annis blew me away with their acting skill. Wow! 


Movie #63: Tron

 I saw TRON: Legacy. A while back, actually. It was awesome. The story was too simple, but it was visually stunning.

Movie #62: Inception

 Um, if any of you haven't seen Inception, please just do. It's a perfect movie.


Movie #61: Flyboys

Flyboys (2006) is a fun look at early war-time aviation.

Serious? Somewhat.
Good? Yeah.
Worth watching? Probably.
Deep? No.
Jean Reno? Hell, yeah!


Movie #60: Stop-Loss

Stop-Loss (2008) was beyond all regular kinds of awesome. It's a movie about the US policy that has kept over 58,000 US soldiers in the service after they'd fulfilled their contractual obligations and wished to leave.

You'd think, that after doing your bit and sticking it out until the end, well, that that'd be the end. Not so much, says Uncle Sam.

It's also a great examination of how hard it is to turn the warrior in you off when you've been living that way day in and day out. And it looks at how military service fits into American culture. Fascinating, and very respectfully done.

From a film studies point of view, the director's commentary by Kimberly Peirce is particularily well-done. Really worth listening to. I would highly recommend listening to the commentary on the deleted scenes, for a look into how a director decides what should stay and what has to go.


Movie question about Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness question ahead, but only for those who have already seen the movie or don't mind spoilers.

Spoilery question aheadCollapse )


Movie #59: Transporter 2

Transporter 2 (2005) sucked. Really. But there are reasons to watch it. Jason Statham is so sexy and athletic and so beautiful in the efficiency of his movements that he makes you want to crazy things like tonfa kata in your living room. And it was great to see Keith David (of "Gargoyles") in a live-action role (he's been in tons, but I haven't watched much of his live-action stuff). But it was shallow and fluffy and crappy in so many ways.

From a feminist perspective, it wasn't as degrading to women as The Transporter. Light-years ahead, really. And in some ways it was actually a bit feminist. I wonder if someone said something.


Movie #58: Darktown Strutters

Darktown Strutters / Get Down and Boogie (1975) is a satiristic tribute to the blaxploitation film. I think. Really, it was probably the strangest film I've ever seen.


Movie #57: City by the Sea

City by the Sea (2002) is underrated. It's an American cop movie, right up until it becomes a movie about families and relationships--about regrets and making things right.